Preventing a house break-in while on vacation

22News has some simple steps to prevent break-ins if you are going away for a summer vacation.

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Burglars take the opportunity to break into your house when your not around, and sometimes even when you are.

An Ohio Police Department posted a popular YouTube video of convicted burglars giving advice on how people can prevent break-ins, and while the advice may be common sense, some advice can stand out.

Sarah O’Brien, of Hatfield said, “I always try to make sure our windows are completely locked and the door is completely locked. I mean we have our key and we do make sure that if we have an extra key it’s hidden completely and only we know where it is.”

However, locking up, keeping the blinds drawn and not keeping valuables in plain sight isn’t always enough.

If you’re planning on going on a summer vacation you should take a walk around the perimeter of your house to make sure things are safe and secure including your air conditioning unit, because anything thieves see as easy access to your home can be exploited.  The scary part is it can happen even when you aren’t away.

Amherst Police Captain Jennifer Gunderson said burglaries were a big issue in town just a couple years ago. She told 22News the best way to keep it from happening to you is to educate yourself, and take care of the obvious things. “The number one issue we have with burglaries to houses and vehicles is when people leave their doors or windows open.”

Good lighting outdoors, motion lighting and alarm systems might make a burglar decide to find someplace else that’s easier to break into.

Captain Gunderson also urges you not to leave ladders outside. Thieves can use them to get into windows on the second floor.

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