Texting only one of several dangerous distractions while driving


CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)– Each day across the United States, roughly nine people are killed and more than 1,000 others are injured in crashes caused by distracted driving.

The latest surveys show 70 percent of people admit to using their smartphone while driving. That statistic is upsetting to the remaining 30 percent, Jorge Diaz, from Chicopee, who are calling this a major safety issue.

“I know for sure that they are not paying attention to the road so you know, if you are on the road you should be paying attention to the road,” Diaz said.

AT&T’s newest survey reveals that behind texting, surfing the web, reading emails, and browsing social media were the most common risky behaviors drivers admit to while behind the wheel.

“I think everybody… we get more connected, we like to move faster and that’s one way to do it,” driver Ethan Buckley, from Chicopee, told 22News.

Mark Macioluk, also from Chicopee, said he knows it is could be dangerous to do, but he is just as guilty as those in the survey. “I just think it’s today’s generation, we just always need to know now, I need to know the sports score now, we just need to know everything now,” Macioluk said.

Other risky behaviors drivers admitted to in the survey included snapping a selfie and video chatting while driving.

Since ATT launched their anti- texting and driving campaign roughly 5 years ago, an estimated 6.5 million people pledged to have better behind-the-wheel-behavior. But their survey found more than 60 percent of drivers today still keep their smartphone within arm’s reach each time the drive.

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