Police officers save man from burning car

Both officers did get inside that car to pull the man out

(CNN) – Police pull off a daring rescue. Two Cleveland officers pulled a driver from a burning car, saving his life.

You are looking at what Cleveland police officer Brian Crites and David Kelley rolled up on overnight along East 55th in the heart of the city.

“I tried pulling on the door and it wouldn’t open and at that time I heard a ‘boof’ and I looked in front and I looked at my partner and said, now we have a fire.”

The car lost control somewhere up the road and hit this embankment here and went all the way up here, hit the bridge and caught on fire. It appears the driver’s keys, well they’re still here, and all melted together, take a look at the car.

It’s destroyed. Sitting in a police impound lot.

Listen to Officer Brian Crites as he calls into dispatch as soon as he spotted the accident.

“Tell fire to step it up please, we got entrapment, we need to get him out.”

Looking at the vehicle now… you would think nobody got out of this fiery crash alive.

“The flames were actually to the top of the actual bridge.”

Investigators are still looking at why he lost control.

“So this is a night you won’t soon forget?”

“No, not for a while. Especially once we went to Metro and found out he was going to be OK.”

“Yeah, he’s actually going to be OK.”

Both officers did get inside that car to pull the man out. Seconds later, the fire wrapped around the car from the back to the front and inside the vehicle.

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