Pit bull set on fire, 60% of her body burned

(WXIA) A Smyrna, Georgia man is charged with arson and cruelty to animals for setting a dog house and the dog inside on fire, according to Cobb County Police.

The 1-year-old pit bull, named Royalti, was rushed to the Cobb Emergency Veterinary Clinic on May 12, 2015 after she was found burned in the back yard of a home in Smyrna.

Doctors at the clinic said the dog suffered first and second degree burns over 60-percent of her body. They said it was touch-and-go for a while and the dog still has a long recovery ahead.

“She is still in pretty severe pain, but she tolerates it very well and she’s got another painful four to six weeks ahead of her,” said Dr. Regan Burford. “It’s amazing how well she seems to handle everything.”

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