Man pronounced dead wakes up en route to morgue

(WBAY) – A Milwaukee man who was pronounced dead and was about to be taken to the morgue suddenly started to breathe and move, an hour after paramedics said he was in rigor.

Our sister station, WISN-TV, reports the 46-year-old man’s girlfriend was concerned that she couldn’t reach him. She called police on Tuesday and told them he has a serious medical condition.

An officer went to the man’s apartment and found him collapsed at the foot of the bed and called for paramedics. A fire crew described him as “cold to the touch and in rigor” and called in the medical examiner, who called for transport to the morgue. They didn’t try to revive him, according to the investigation report obtained by WISN.

An hour later, as the transport crew was starting to take him away, the man started breathing and moved his right arm and leg. Fire crews found a heartbeat and rushed him to the hospital, where he’s in intensive care.

The Milwaukee Fire Department says an internal investigation is being done to make sure that protocol was followed.

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