Western Massachusetts is now experiencing drought conditions

The U.S. Drought Monitor now has all of Massachusetts in the moderate drought category.

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The weather has been pretty nice lately but our dry weather is coming at a cost. Farmers have been irrigating their fields due to the persistent drier than normal conditions.

The U.S Drought Monitor now has all of Massachusetts in D1 or the moderate drought category.

Some home owners are seeing the effects of the dry weather on their lawns.“Yeah the lawn especially up near the road, it dries out fast so I have to water it every day,” said Bernard Couch of Westfield.

Some lawns are still pretty green while others are showing signs of the lack of rainfall. 

And water levels like on the Westfield River continue to go down. River levels are lower than what we would expect to see this time of year.

But despite the dry weather so far there are no water restrictions in place. And for Westfield residents, construction on the Granville Reservoir is finished and the reservoir has been refilled.

“Obviously we’re gonna want some rain to come in but I think we’re going to be in pretty good shape now that Granville’s back on line about ½ the city’s water comes from that source so I think we’ll be in pretty good shape,” said Westfield Mayor Dan Knapik.

But if the dry weather continues we’ll likely see some water restrictions being put in place across western Massachusetts.

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