Suspect in wrong-way chase calls 911 to complain

(CNN) – It all started in Concord when officers noticed someone driving a stolen Honda.

911 operator: “We just canceled a pursuit that went the wrong way on the freeway, westbound 4 off of port Chicago.”

The chase wound through the bay area, hitting highway 4, 242 and even I-80 all going the wrong way and scaring drivers.

911 call: “I almost got headon’ed by some maniac trying to drive in the slow lane in the shoulder of the road going the wrong way on highway 4.

Then the driver himself called 911, with a simple request, “I’m on speakerphone right now! Stop chasing me!!! I am going to crash!”

Dispatcher: “Are you the driver driving the wrong way?

Suspect: Yes, I am, yeah! Tell him to stop chasing me! Tell the helicopter to get away from me!

One that couldn’t be honored.  We cannot turn our spotlight off of him, we’re illuminating him so other vehicles don’t get hit.

The dispatcher taking lip from the directionally challenged driver somewhere in the east bay.

Suspect: Tell them the helicopter to get off of me! Stop the chase and I will stop running. Stop the chase and I will stop running.

Dispatcher: Sir, you need to pull over.

Suspect: I can’t.

Dispatcher: You need to pull over.

Dispatcher: Justin, you need to pull over.

Suspect: I can’t pull over lady!!!

But, the driver, apparently named Justin, was right, he did crash in North Berkeley at the corner of Hearst and California.

After all that, he got away.  Cops have no idea where he is and in that crash another driver was hurt and sent to the hospital.

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