Renters give low marks to Massachusetts in new survey

State fared poorly in commute times, number of people planning home ownership

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A new survey found that renters in Massachusetts don’t have much confidence in the local economy.

The survey measured renters’ plans for home ownership and their confidence in the economy, which was a C- for Massachusetts.

Only 22% of renters said they thought the economy is on the right track. 55% of renters say they plan to purchase a home in the future, earning the state a grade of C on that front.

Renters Tessla Donovan and Anthony Kozak told 22News about the obstacles stand in their way of taking the first steps toward home ownership.

“Getting out of school debt and having all of our college debt with us, I think that’s a big thing. The job market doesn’t look very good for us either.” Donovan said.

“And rent is expensive, so it’s hard to save to get that down payment that you will need for a new house,” Kozak added.

The highest grade for Massachusetts was a B+ for having lots of enjoyable parks and things to do.

One of the state’s lowest grades was a C- for commute times; with many people saying that it takes them too long to get to where they need to go.

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