“Red Nose Day” has arrived

(NBC) Folks in the United States might still be getting used to the red noses, but “Red Nose Day” is a 30 year television tradition in the United Kingdom, an annual comedy and music event that’s raised more than a billion dollars for numerous charities that assist children in poverty around the world.

“It’s going to be an even bigger deal over here,” country music superstar and ‘Voice’ host Blake Shelton predicts. “That’s my mission is to make it an even bigger event over here and raise even more money.”

Shelton got into the spirit on “The Voice” recently. The show also hosted Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman for taping a comedy segment that will air tonight.

Richard Curtis, the man behind such films as “Notting Hill”, is also the creator of “Red Nose Day”.

Curtis and other organizers hope the seed planted stateside tonight will grow, and help children around the world.

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