Caught on camera: Jewelry dealer fights off robber

Surveillance camera captured brutal assault and attempted robbery

(CNN) – A family of jewelry dealers was attacked by thieves, and it was caught on camera.

“Two guys just get out of the vehicle they were wearing masks, that’s when I could immediately understand that there was going to be some kind of assault.”

A surveillance camera at the Windward Parkway Marriott captured the brutal assault on this North Carolina jewelry dealer and his family in late April as they loaded up their truck with tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. He asked us to conceal his identity.

“They just sprayed everyone at once. It was burning, I mean I thought it was acid for a second.”

The family had just wrapped up a jewelry expo at the hotel and were heading back to Charlotte when the men attacked. The dealer told us he wasn’t going to take it.

“I was able to catch one of the guys and pull down his mask and tear his shirt and beat him a little. I don’t know, just human instinct. I mean, I don’t go down without a fight.”

The fight paid off. The video shows the would-be robbers take off, leaving behind suitcases full of loot.

“We’re asking the public’s help to identify the suspect who was captured on video through his facial features.”

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt it was pepper spray and this was a first time for us and we didn’t know exactly how to react.”

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