Takata air bag recall is impacting millions

The airbags have been blamed for more than 100 injuries and six deaths

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP/AP) – It’s the largest automotive recall in U.S. history-33.8 million airbag inflator mechanisms are being declared defective in several different types of vehicles.

Takata air bags can inflate with too much force-exploding and sending pieces of metal flying. Even though most of the problems are in warmer and moist climates, you should check to see if there’s one in your car.

The recall affects many different models from most major U.S. companies.

Tyler Julius, of Northamtpon said, “They should put more time and effort in the development process instead of just putting out these faulty airbags. They should test them before they ship them out.”

Japanese airbag maker-Takata has agreed to fix their faulty products on both driver and passenger-side air bags.

Joe Ryan owns Ryan Imported Car Repair in Northampton and says you should check with your dealer because it’s a dangerous defect. “The crash sensors on your vehicle and it sends voltage to this which ignites a charge, this explodes and the problems they’re having  is theres some kind of a schrapnel base or metal thats supposed to stay together and it’s coming apart.”

The airbags have been blamed for more than 100 injuries and six deaths.

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