MMA fighter hog-ties bank robber

Robbery suspect hogtied by bank customer

(CNN) – What would you do if you realized that the customer in front of you at the credit union was trying to rob the place? That happened to one Pinellas County man and he took action.

“The girl screamed she’s… the guy just robbed me, I felt like I had to step in, do something I was there.”

Eric Haritakis quickly followed suspected robbery Michael Jon Neubecker out of this Grow Financial on Starkey Friday afternoon.

“I didn’t really think about it when it happened, I just went with it.”

After a short chase he took the down bad guy.

“I saw the right time and I realized that if he had a weapon that he would have drawn it already and I just timed it right and took him down.’

He even dragged the robber back in front of the building where employees of another business gave him duct tape to hog tie Neubecker. But was this concerned citizen ever scared?

“Of course not.”

Because Haritakis is a MMA fighter, he takes people down for a living.

“It worked out.”

The sheriff says people should never put themselves in harm’s way, even if you are a trained fighter.

“You can be trained all you want with your hands but hands don’t stop bullets, if this guy had a gun, cause he was robbing a bank, MMA or Hulk Hogan it doesn’t make much of a difference you aren’t going to stop a bullet.”

But Haritakis believes he did the right thing.

“I feel like more people should be doing things like that, if we stand up as a group and we’re all working together to make other people not do what they are doing, we would be a lot better off, much better community.”

Neubecker was book on one count of unarmed robbery.

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