As summer approaches, blood donations decrease

Photo: Thinkstock

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The summer vacation season traditionally means fewer blood donors, so the American Red Cross Blood Donation Center in Springfield counts on regulars to help meet the need.

Once a month, Holyoke letter carrier Peter Tallman donates blood platelets to help cancer patients. Tallman and other platelet donors gladly spend the necessary hour and a half at the donor center.

“I do it because I’m healthy enough to do it,” he told 22News. “I like to know there are people out there that are in need of these platelets, they don’t last long, so it’s important to have regular donors come down here which the Red Cross does have.”

The blood donor center’s biggest concern is the expected drop in the number of blood donors that normally occurs between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend.

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