Thinking of going blonde?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – With Summer just around the corner you might be thinking of going blonde or adding some sun-kissed strands to your mane, but which shade of blonde will best compliment your natural hair color? Hairstylist PJ Hurtado from De Ja Vous Salon in Wilbraham shared coloring tips!

Tips for Going Blonde/Adding Blonde Highlights

1. Find what shade complements you best. Being blonde is having lighter hair now determine what shade works best.
2. Highlights or ombré ? Ombré can be a lot less maintenance. Highlights can get you a huge overall change.
3. Blonde hair can be more fragile . So the products you use will be very important.
4. Talk to your stylist about what’s the best approach to how you should start transitioning your hair color.

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