The rankings for the “fittest” cities in America released

Boston ranked in the Top 10 of the “fittest” cities

(NBC News) – The American College of Sports Medicine is out with its annual rankings of America’s fittest cities.

Washington D.C. ranks number one on the American fitness index this year. Great access to public parks makes exercise easy in the nation’s capital.

“If you walk out onto Washington Mall at noon, tourists can’t get around because there are so many people exercising, so many people walking and jogging,” notes Dr. Walt Thompson, chairman of the American Fitness Index Board.

Minneapolis and San Diego round out the top three fittest cities.

The index looks at a wide variety of health indicators including smoking, diagnosis of asthma and heart disease, even access to dog parks and fresh, local fruit and vegetables.

Even though Oklahoma City is ranked near the bottom of the list, it’s made tremendous improvements.

Seven years ago Oklahoma City’s Mayor Mick Cornett challenged his citizens to lose a million pounds. They did it through healthier menus in schools and restaurants, wider sidewalks, bike paths and new gyms.

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