Mother gives birth to triplets, including conjoined twins

The two conjoined sisters will have challenges

Texas (CNN) – A Texas family welcomed three very special little girls. It was a rare birth, with two of the newborns being conjoined.

Roel Torrez, father of the triplets, said, “We took her to the hospital they told us they heard two hearts, we were happy saying, oh, maybe a girl and a boy.”

But little did Sylvia Hernandez and Torrez know that they also had a third baby on the way.

Torrez said, “She went to the doctor because she was feeling sick, and they told us there were three.”

A few months later, the family found out they were having two conjoined babies. The family began to worry about the risk. “It was a risky pregnancy with the babies. They could have not made it, something could go wrong.”

But Saturday night the family welcomed Catalina Montserat, Ximena Jackeline and Scarlett Juliet at Bay Area Hospital.

The triplets arrived by C-section. Hernandez was only 34 weeks into her pregnancy. The babies weigh four pounds, eleven ounces.

The two conjoined sisters will have some challenges.

Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Haroon Patel said, “They share pelvic contents, muscles, skin. They have separate pelvic bones.”

The girls have separate bladders. Part of their colon is conjoined, and their abdominal wall.

Patel said, “They each have their own legs and they’re kind of bent over and fused like this and their heads are kind of over here.”

The family is just optimistic and happy that their babies are doing well. Torrez said, “We don’t care if they are conjoined they get separated or not, that’s something God sent us to take care of, and we are going to do our best.”

Doctors say it is still early to discuss separating the babies. They say if the girls are separated, it will be several months from now.

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