Boat safety tips for Memorial Day weekend

22News has some tips for how you can stay safe while celebrating near the waterfront

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NORTHAMPTON, Mass (WWLP) – A lot of us are looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend, and any people will be putting their boats in the water.

The unofficial start of summer marks the beginning of fun in the sun and water.  But being aware of where you are boating or enjoying the weekend can save your life.

Mike DeFazio, of Lunenburg, “Sunday I’m just going to have a cookout. Bunch of my friends from school are going to come down. Go in the boat and grill. Regular old summer things.”

Some western Massachusetts residents will be putting their boats in the water for the first time this year.   And while the river isn’t very high nor moving very quickly, there’s danger hiding in the shallow water.

Just going down the Connecticut River you can see trash, debris, sticks and even some logs which cause some major issues for boaters and swimmers, because a lot of times the logs go down further and are much larger than you may first think.”

The person driving the boat must have a boating license, cannot be drinking, and there should be enough life vests for everyone on-board. Also remember the water can be much colder than you think.   Taking a few simple precautions will allow you to enjoy some spectacular views.

Tom Koske, Granby,”Peace and quiet, nice, scenery, no trouble, relaxing. You name it it’s out there.”

And if you know whats out there the better prepared you will be.

Click here to for tips on boating safely in Massachusetts.

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