Local fans react to Pats’ Kraft’s “Deflategate” decision

Kraft said the penalties are "way over the top”, but he is reluctantly accepting NFL's decision

Robert Kraft, Tom Brady

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Tuesday Patriots owner Robert Kraft announced he’ll accept the NFL’s decision to punish the team over Deflategate. The league fined the Pats $1-million and took away two draft picks.

Many non-Pats fans say it’s proof the team is guilty. Christian S. from Holyoke said, “If you’re not going to appeal it that means you did something wrong. But you know the truth comes out.”

“I don’t know if he feels they really are guilty in doing that,” said Eddie Calderon of Holyoke. “I just think it’s blown out of proportion.”

It all stems from the AFC Championship game, where the Patriots’ footballs were underinflated.

The League suspended quarterback Tom Brady for the first four games of next season, although he has appealed.

Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft explained his decision; it seems like he’s tired of all the negative publicity, and is really just looking to put this behind him. Kraft said, “I hope they trust my judgment and know that I really feel at this point in time, that taking this off the agenda, this is the best thing for the New England Patriots, our fans, and the NFL. And I hope you all can respect that.”

Loyal Pats fan Marco Amato told 22News what he thinks about Kraft’s decision: “Hey, if you’re going to step up and fine us on something that I don’t think is fair, I’m just going to take it and go on. They have been a good team for enough years that you can afford to say that.”

Kraft said the penalties are “way over the top”, but he is reluctantly accepting NFL’s decision.

Tom Brady filed his appeal last Thursday, May 14th. The NFL has to respond by this Sunday, May 24th.

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