Caught on camera: Army Captain rescues people from burning car

Army Captain Steve Voglezon helped save three lives in fiery crash

(CNN) – A catastrophic scene unfolding on rural O’Kelly Chapel Road. Heavy smoke and flames fill the air as three people are trapped inside two vehicles.

John Spurrell lives nearby and helped rescue one driver before shooting this video.

“That’s the Army guy, Steve. He’s quite a hero.”

Spurrell is talking about the man in the red shirt, seen here rescuing the driver of this red Acura; 67 year-old William Thompson of Cary. In fact he helped save all three victims. That man is U.S. Army Captain Steve Voglezon of Southern Pines.

“I picked up the other gentleman, took him to safety, while the officer was still there trying to free the other woman on the other side of the vehicle as well.”

That woman is Thompson’s wife; 63 year-old Kathleen Thompson. The state highway patrol charged 59 year-old Mark Ricketts of Cary with traveling left of center after he collided head on with the Thompsons’ Acura.

That Chrysler was heading west down O’Kelly Chapel Road. You can still see the point of impact, where it crossed the center line and then about 40 feet down the road from there, the road is scorched from huge flames.

As soon as it happened, Captain Voglezon and neighbors sprang into action. Everett Bacon grabbed several fire extinguishers from his home.

“They were trapped in there. The windows were up. The doors were locked.”

Spurrell said speeding here is a constant problem.

“These kinds of excessive speeds on these little country roads result in that kind of catastrophe. People need to slow down.”

And Spurrell credits Captain Voglezon for helping save those lives. The man others are calling a hero says he was just doing his job.

“We have a calling to do whatever we have to do. Today I was called to be there at that spot at that time.”

All three crash victims have serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

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