College grads looking for positive work environment

SPRINGFIELD, (Mass (WWLP) –Thousands of local college students are graduating this weekend. Over the next couple of months, the Class of 2015 will begin entering the workforce. 22News took a closer look at how quickly they’re expected to get hired.

Many companies are planning on hiring more grads this year than they did last year. But now, there’s a new question on everyone’s mind. What are this year’s graduates looking for in a job?

The answer might be surprising. According to a new Accenture survey, fun seems to be an important factor.

More than half of this year’s graduates would sacrifice lower pay to work for a company with a positive social atmosphere.

You might be wondering how they plan on supporting themselves. More than 70% of graduates from the past few years aren’t. Instead, their parents are paying a large chunk of their rent, and living expenses.

The Class of 2015 also prefers medium-sized businesses over large corporations. In general, they’re looking for jobs that offer challenging work, flexible work hours, and a chance to quickly move up the ladder.

These grads will also be joining a new type of workforce.

There are now fewer baby boomers and more millennials, which means employers might also have to make some changes.The millennial generation is now the largest in the workforce,  according to a new Pew Research study.

Right now, there are more than 50 million millennials in the workforce, surpassing Generation X workers for the first time. Employers might have to work a little bit harder to persuade the generation to stay.

New college graduates say they’re not looking for the perfect job, instead, they’re more likely to move in and move up, whether it’s with the same company, or not. Since Millennials, or those born in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, account for the largest share in the workforce, employers are now searching for new ways to recruit, and keep them happy.

Experts say this year, graduates are looking for jobs that are interesting, offer challenging work, flexible hours, and a positive work environment. In order for companies to stay competitive, experts say they’ll have to offer plenty of opportunities for advancement.

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