Child dragged by school bus

Neighbors have questions for the bus driver

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(CNN/WAVE) – Disturbing surveillance video shows a school bus in Louisville dragging a young girl after her backpack got stuck in the door. Police said the bus dragged the child about 100 feet, yet neighbors described the distance as being at least a football field.

Jefferson county public schools administrators have launched an investigation.

Surveillance video shows a little girl, dragged by her school bus down a residential Valley Station street. Watch in real time, and you’ll see that red Chevy Camaro speeding up.

Esther Karschner told WAVE, “We were just sitting in there and I seen this car go flying by.”

Neighbor Esther Karschner says at first, she thought the camaro’s driver was doing something wrong. “And the reason that car was racing was to stop the bus, because they’d seen it,” said Karschner.

The camaro’s driver finally got the bus to stop, and neighbors went running to the girl, described as being 5 or 6 years old.

Esther Karschner told WAVE, “Laying there on the ground and she was conscious.”

Air 3 shows the other students on the bus, got transferred to another bus.

JCPS says the incident is “under investigation.”

Tom Carman told WAVE, “I just couldn’t believe that he drag her from that corner down to here without knowing.”

Police say the little girl was getting off the bus when her backpack got stuck in the door of the bus. Neighbors say the dragging went on for at least the length of a football field.

Tom Carman captured the video, from a camera on his house. “It was amazing, I couldn’t believe it, her bouncing around in that door, all the way down the street, it was bad,” said Carman.

Neighbors have questions for the bus driver, but are thankful for the camaro’s driver, whom they do not know. “How far could he have went without somebody jumping in front of him,” said Carman.

The little girl was scraped up. Karschner says she only wanted one thing. “She was talking and then at the end she wanted to see her mommy, she wanted her mommy,” said Karschner.

Police say the child had road rash and was taken to a children’s hospital for treatment. The girl’s condition has not been released, but she’s expected to recover from her injuries.

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