VIDEO: Flying aboard “Fat Albert”

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Blue Angels are best known for their F/A-18 Hornet jets, but the Blue Angels team does not fit in just those planes. The maintenance and support crew flies from air show to air show in a U.S. Marine Corps C-130 Hercules aircraft nicknamed “Fat Albert.” While useful, Fat Albert isn’t just a mode of transportation- it is also capable of some dramatic maneuvers!

Fat Albert takes off at a 45-degree angle, makes dramatic turns, and can come to a full stop in less than 1,000 feet. Play the video to see inside this aircraft, as passengers (including’s Tony Fay) alternate thorough periods of negative and positive Gs. Pay close attention to the members of the Blue Angels team hanging onto the ladder set up in the back of the aircraft!

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