Local clergy weighs in on Tsarnaev trial

Opinions on the death penalty vary in the church

HAYDENVILLE, Mass. (WWLP) – In the wake of the jury in the Tsarnaev case handing down a guilty verdict, 22News spoke with a local clergyman to get his opinion on the death penalty.

Reverend Chris Mereschuck practices out of the Haydenville Congregational Church. He sat down with 22News Friday to give his opinion, and explain the church’s perspective on capitol punishment.

Mereschuck said, “It does not bring justice, it does not bring peace, it does not bring healing. It’s simply state-sanctioned murder, and vengeance.”

Mereschuck said Tsarnaev’s guilt was not in question; he just does not think it’s our decision to decide if someone lives, or dies.

He also said opinions on the death penalty can vary depending on the church or clergy member.

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