“Grandparents scheme” targets seniors over phone

Someone calls you claiming they've kidnapped a relative, demands payment

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A new phone scheme has emerged and it’s targeting the vulnerability of seniors.

It’s called the “Grandparent Scheme.” Basically someone calls you claiming they’ve kidnapped a relative and demands you wire money to see them again.

What you should know is the calls come from area codes that are out of the state or out of the country. They don’t come from your relative’s phone.

The police say if you get one of these calls, stay calm, and don’t argue with the caller. Ask to speak to your relative or use another phone to try calling your relative directly.

Once you find out your family is safe, hang up and call the police.

Jean Alward of Northampton said, “It’s a horrendous thing for people to do, but unfortunately, there are so many scams out there today we can’t keep track of them. The way I would handle it is I have caller I.D., I would never answer the phone unless I recognize the number.”

They try and keep you on the phone until you wire the money and they receive the payment.

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