Special needs students singled out in yearbook

Special education students were placed in separate section of yearbook from other students

(CNN) – A Tennessee woman was brought to tears by what she found in her grandson’s yearbook. They weren’t tears of joy. She thinks a photo was placed to make fun of her grandson, and she wants to know why.

Kay Goss flips through her grandson’s yearbook. She’s searching for Joe’s photo. Still no Joe. Then as Goss gets towards the back of the book, “And look what I come to, Joe, in a special ed bus.”

Goss couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “That’s not like a regular bus, that’s a special ed bus. It hurt me, and it hurts Joe.”

Her grandson has gone to Ashland City Elementary for years, and Goss has never seen Joe separated from the other students at this school.

“They didn’t put the special needs children in the back, they always put them in the front.”

She says in all these other yearbooks, special education students are side by side with other students.

As soon as Goss’ grandson brought the book home, she called the principal.

“I talked ugly, because I didn’t like that. I said I don’t like it. He said, I don’t either, but what can I do about it. He said it was the publisher.”

A spokesman says, “The Cheatham County School District is diligently working to break down silos that would potentially separate students from each other and focusing on a culture of all-inclusion.”

“I just don’t understand how they single out these children.”

Goss says her grandson just doesn’t get why this happened.

“He said mama I don’t understand why they done that. I said honey, I don’t either.”

But there is one thing this grandmother knows for sure.

“I’m going to make sure it never happens again.”

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