The effects the dry weather is having on WMass

So far this May we haven't seen any measurable rainfall in the Springfield area.

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – We’ve been enjoying plenty of sunshine lately and right now everything is getting pretty green. 

“No I water it, at least the front anyway but no my grass is nice and green right now so everything is good,” said Tony Martins of Chicopee.

But we could really use some rain. In the Drought Monitor’s latest report they now have all of Massachusetts in the abnormally dry category. 

On average we get 3.79 inches of rain during the month of May. This May we haven’t seen any measurable rainfall in the Springfield area.

There are docks and boats already in the Connecticut River and river levels are starting to fall below their banks due to the lack of rainfall.

The dry weather is also affecting farmers. “We’ve been irrigating as you notice behind me. We’ve been watering the strawberries because they’re starting to wilt and they’re starting to suffer because it’s one of the first crops we start picking along with asparagus, rhubarb and spinach. We have to water them or they’ll have no life to them, they’ll just kind of wither,” said Tom Calabrese of Calabrese Farms in Southwick.

Calabrese says all the dust blowing around also makes it hard to work out in the fields. He says ideally right now they would like to see rain overnight once a week.

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