Re-uses explored for Mt Tom Power Plant

The landmark smokestack might be part of the new plan

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The state is working with the city of Holyoke to figure out how to re-purpose the Mount Tom Power Plant.

The coal-burning power plant, with its very recognizable smokestack next to I-91, closed for good last year.

Now, the Mass Clean Energy Center and Holyoke are exploring re-uses for the site.

An estimated 50 people attended a public meeting Thursday night to discuss possible uses such as a solar energy installation, or agricultural uses, which might involve greenhouses.

The landmark smokestack might be part of the new plan. They’re not in any rush to tear down the old plant.

“Scenarios that we’re looking at today are based on leaving the existing structure up. Taking those facilities down can be quite involved, and often it’s easier to look at what you can do around them,” said Matt Kakley of the Mass Clean Energy Center.

The owners of the plant will make the final decision as to how this property will ultimately be used. The site will have to be cleaned up and assessed for impact on the environment.

This was the third meeting in which public input was welcomed.

A plan could be finalized by this fall.

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