Do you have Nomophobia?

Women nearly four times more likely than men to experience it

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – When we think of separation anxiety we usually think of when a bonded mother and child are split apart.

But what about separation anxiety from your smartphone? Researchers say it’s a real thing.

We use our smart phones for almost everything, but what if you broke it, lost it, or had it stolen Would you panic?

It’s called “Nomophobia.”

Symptoms include feeling nervous about running out of battery, feeling anxious about not being able to connect to a WIFI signal or panicking if you are running out of data.

“It actually started when I had a child,” said Clare Boyd of Northampton. “I felt very isolated with a newborn and so I would sort of connect through social media and texting and internet.”

Researchers developed a survey to show how Nomophobic you are. The results show women are nearly 4 times more likely than men to be Nomophobic.

“Not so much missing out on going on Facebook or Instagram, but making sure that in case of an emergency I could contact someone. That would be stressful,” said Julie Cinner of Amherst.

But members of a older generation told 22News it’s the constant phone dependence that stresses them out.

“I mind it when I see women pushing their baby carriages and not chatting with their babies but playing with their phone. I can’t say I miss fountains pens or blotters but in general I do wonder if we’ve gone over the edge with technology,” said Susan Moore of South Hadley.

Experts say generally, Nomophobia isn’t something you should be concerned about unless the anxiety starts interfering with your mental health.

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