Bugs found in school cafeteria food

Outraged parent wants to know why aphids were found in students' cafeteria broccoli

(CNN) – School cafeteria food has never been known for being gourmet. But what one Texas high school student found in her food has her mom demanding answers.

School cafeteria food is supposed to be filled with nutrition: vitamins, carbs, protein. But not this type of protein.

You’re looking at a picture of bugs in the broccoli of a student who almost ate them at Caney Creek High School in Conroe.

“It was kind of strange and gross that we had actually seen it and that it happened to us.”

Falyn Evans says she was sitting next to her friend at lunch in the cafeteria at Caney Creek Monday.

Just as the friend was about to take a bite of the broccoli they noticed the bugs.

The family says they were told the insects were aphids.

“There’s no way they could’ve missed, picking up a handful of broccoli like they do with their gloves on and not seen these ginormous bugs.”

In an email to parents, school administrators said they were “notified this morning of complaints regarding food in the cafeteria. Any concerns are taken very seriously and Conroe ISD’s child nutrition department is addressing the situation.”

But some parents say no matter how the problem is addressed, their children won’t eat at the school for the rest of the year.

“She will be taking lunches. She will not be eating it anymore, at all.”

Investigators went to the school Tuesday and found more bugs in the broccoli. They believe the infestation was limited to the broccoli batch.

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