Tuition costs affect decisions when choosing a college

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)– There’s a lot to think about when deciding on where to go to college, including distance from home, what majors the school offers, and cost.

Some students at Chicopee high school told 22News tuition costs were the biggest factor when choosing which school they’d end up at.

“We knew I didn’t want to go into piles of debt, you know, I couldn’t see myself paying back loans for the next twenty years, so it’s huge,” Grant Bernard, Chicopee High School senior told 22News.

Grant Bernard told 22News he felt like one of the lucky ones who’s best financial aid package came from the school that was already his top choice.

But classmate Sophie Stevenson said her final choice was a compromise of her what programs the school offered and what was realistically affordable.

“It’s terrifying! I would never want to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt if I don’t need to be, if there is a school that is financially acceptable and you don’t have to pay that much money,” Stevenson said.

The College Board reported the average cost of tuition fees for 2014-2015 school year was about 31,000 dollars a private university, 9,000 dollars for in state students at a public university, and nearly 23,000 for an out of state student at a public university.

Chicopee High School’s guidance counselors told 22News students are urged to talk all decisions over with their family before they getting their hopes set on one particular school.

“Because their parents are going to be paying for the money, they have to find out what they can afford, what they can’t afford and make a decision as a family,” Mellissa Harms told 22News.

She also says parents need to be sure to fill out the financial aid forms known as FASFA as soon as possible especially if you are going to be relying on grant money.

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