Style tips for the guy in your life

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – It’s Makeover Monday for all you men out there! Matthew Simko is a Men’s Style Expert and he joined us with Summer Style Tips for the Guy in Your Life!

Summer Style Tips for the Guy in Your Life

Easy swap outs!

1. Shorts

Many guys wear baggy large cargo shorts, or even worse, plaid baggy cargo shorts.

Easy swap outs:
tailored fit shorts
print shorts
frayed edge shorts

2. Flip Flops

Instead of plastic flip flops, I’ll show a variety of footwear including:

Easy swap outs:
leather flip flops
boat shoes

3. Tees

Swap out graphic T’s for solid v-neck or henleys
means turning your every day necessities (socks, watch, belt) into an accessory.
Ex: pattern woven belts & sunglasses.

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