SNL being praised for controversial skit

(YouTube Photo/Saturday Night Live)

NEW YORK CITY (WISH) — “Saturday Night Live” and actress Reese Witherspoon took on a controversial topic this weekend, and now they’re being praised for it.

The parody was over the fear of drawing the Prophet Muhammad. The issue is connected to the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris and the recent fatal shootings at a Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas.

In the SNL skit, Witherspoon and Bobby Moynihan play a married couple who team up with “Family Matters” star Carl Winslow, played by Kenan Thompson.

They game show constants were asked to draw The Prophet Muhammad if they wanted to win $1 million, but they refused.

“Whoever it is, just draw his face,” Witherspoon said.

“I don’t think I can, maybe pass? Please,” said Mohynihan.

Witherspoon was left with an empty sheet of paper. When asked who the drawing was she guessed correctly — the Prophet Muhammad.

A former SNL staffer says the sketch raised an important issue about freedom of expression. A news website, Salon, declared the skit “brilliant” and social media users applauded the skit.

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Do you think people refusing to draw the Prophet Muhammad — out of fear for their safety — compromises freedom of expression?

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