Electric rates could soon drop for thousands

The rate change would take effect July 1st

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Eversource Energy announced a new proposed rate cut for customers Monday.  If approved, it’ll lower the basic service rate for thousands. A relief for many local residents who suffered sticker shock from their electric bills this winter.

Eversource Energy filed the new basic service rate with the Department of Public Utilities, and if the new rate’s approved, the overall supply rate would drop more than 31%.

Eversource Energy spokeswoman Priscilla Ress told 22News rate proposals are almost always approved by the DPU. “They’re looking at the process and they’re saying, did Eversource go into the marketplace and accept the highest  bid, and of course we did. We bring it to them, and then that becomes the basic service rate,” she said.

The rate change comes just in time for people planning to crank the AC this summer. The average customer would see a $22 savings on their total bill, which is equivalent to about 18%.

Some customers, including Amherst resident Eunice Torres, worry it won’t be enough. “It sounds great, but if the summer is going to be anything like the spring has been, it’s already 90 degrees, and we’re not quite half-way through spring, it’ll be scary,” she said.

Florence resident Susan North told 22News she’ll turn on her AC, but the decrease likely won’t cut the cost a comfortable amount, but she’d take anything over nothing. . “Yes, I have air conditioning, and yes, I am worried that it will be a little pricey, but I would take any kind of decrease, I think anything helps the cost,” she said.

If the DPU approves the rate change, it would take effect July 1st.

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