How to handle seasonal allergies at home

Seasonal allergies due to pollen can be contained at home

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A harsh winter and delayed spring has been aggravating those with allergies here in the Northeast. Many of us have felt the affects of pollen with sneezing or watering eyes, but there is more pollen on the way.

Much of the current pollen is from oak and birch trees, and blooming flowers, but grass pollen is starting to arrive. Researchers predict grass pollen will get worse over the next 100 years because of carbon dioxide levels and the ozone. Pollen could go up by 200% in that time, but many people are having a hard time dealing with it now.

22News asked a man who suffers from seasonal allergies what he does to keep his allergies at bay. “I try to keep the windows shut at home,” says Mark Desmarais of South Glastonbury, CT. “I try to keep the car windows shut as well. When coming in, I like to change the clothes, and in the evening, definitely shower before going to bed.”

The following tips are ways to keep your home clean if you suffer from allergies:

  • Do not leave your clothes out to dry.
  • Wash your face after going outside.
  • Keep any clothing that could potentially have pollen on it out of the bedroom.
  • Keep your floors clean. It’s recommended you clean your floors with a mop or wet rag rather than sweep the surface with a broom.



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