Heat a possible indicator of West Nile virus outbreaks

CHICOPEE Mass. (WWLP) – Hot weather early this year may be an indicator for a sooner potential West Nile virus outbreak.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research has found it might be possible to forecast when the infection hits a certain region based on how quickly those regions get hot.

The warm weather we’re seeing could attract more mosquitoes. However, tracking the virus in mosquitoes gets tricky; it’s hard to know where mosquitoes carrying the infection will go.

One man told 22News he’s cautious to take preventative measures but believes the hype of West Nile virus can be overboard. Martin Jackson of Enfield, CT said, “I think it is over exaggerated in my opinion, but to each his own. I usually use the ‘Off’ when I’m in a woodsy area and stuff like that, but on a day to day basis I really don’t.”

West Nile virus has infected hundreds of thousands of people since it first came to the U.S. in 1999.

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