Tufts students end hunger strike, say protests will continue

Tufts says 20 workers are expected to be cut

In this photo taken Tuesday, May 5, 2015, Tufts University students gather in the Mayer Campus Center protesting plans to cut janitorial jobs while members of the university's administration walk out of the building after meeting with three student representatives in Medford, Mass. Five students, at left, at the university began a hunger strike Sunday over the university's plans to cut about 35 janitorial jobs at the end of May. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

MEDFORD, Mass. (AP) — Four Tufts University students have ended an almost weeklong hunger strike in support of janitors who face layoffs, but say they will continue to protest.

Zoe Jeka, one of the strikers, told The Boston Globe Saturday “this is a long-term fight.” Jeka said she ended her strike Friday night because her blood pressure dropped. The student Tufts Labor Coalition said the others ended theirs Saturday afternoon.

Group spokeswoman Anna Gaebler said the strikers are now drinking broth and Gatorade preparing for solid food. They took down their tents Saturday from the Tufts quad.

The activists have met Friday with university administrators. Another meeting is planned Monday.

Tufts says 20 workers are expected to be cut, down from about 35 initially. It says the janitors have been offered other jobs by the private company they work for.

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