Newborn fawn rescued by State Trooper

PUTNAM COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) A newborn deer is safe and at an animal rehabilitation center after several callers saw the fawn in the median along Interstate 70 Saturday morning.

Multiple callers reported that the deer appeared to be alive and so young that they were asking if someone could check on it. That’s when Trooper Mike Wood stepped in.

The officer from the Putnamville Post arrived and found the fawn in the median, just like callers said. He also found what is believed to be the mother deer dead on the shoulder of the road.

Trooper Wood said the deer appeared to be only hours old. He picked it up, placed it in a towel and took it to a towing service company to get warm and clean.

“The numerous calls undoubtedly set forth numerous activities which led to the safety of this deer,” Trooper Wood said. “It was also heartwarming for all of us to play such a vital role in the health and well-being of this animal.”

The deer was eventually placed in the care of an animal rehab center in Montgomery County.

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