Hoover family becomes internet sensation

HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) – Over the past four years, a Hoover family has grown into a full-fledged internet sensation.

Katie and Cullen started their YouTube channel to stay connected with family and friends by posting daily vlogs. After a year of slowing gaining followers, Cullen took a risk and decided to focus on YouTube in hopes of turning it into a full time job. It worked.

“The more we had fun, the more followers we got,” Cullen said.

Now the family has thousands of subscribers from all over the world, who faithfully watch their daily videos.

“Not only are the videos there for other people to see, but for us to see how far we’ve come and that we’ve made it through a lot of struggles,” said Katie.

Hoover family becomes internet sensationWhile most of their videos are light hearted and funny, Katie and Cullen still open up about real family hardships. Most recently, the loss of Cullen’s father to cancer. Before their daughter Macey Gaines was born, the couple opened up about two heartbreaking miscarriages. They said the support they received from people all over the world was very encouraging.

“Opening up and being ourselves made people feel like we were not putting on a show,” Katie said.

Macey Gaines was born in September 2014. Today, their adorable baby girl has become a fixture across all of their social media sites.

The couple said they are overwhelmed by the amount of support and love they have received from all over the world.

“Most of her clothes and toys have come from our fans,” said Katie.

They both love to meet fans in person. They can usually be found at Target and local Mexican restaurants around town.

“People should always say hey,” Cullen said. “We are just regular people.”

Besides the freedom from working at home, and the joy of doing what they love, Cullen said the daily videos have become a treasure for the whole family. He looks forward to showing his daughter videos of herself growing up.

“I get sucked into watching ourselves two years ago and three years ago. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come as a family, and how far we’ve grown,” said Cullen.

The couple’s biggest advice for people who want to start a YouTube Channel is to “just start” and have fun.

To watch Cullen and Katie click here. You can also find them on twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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