Mom frumpy to mom fabulous!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – From “Mom Frumpy” to Mom Fabulous”! Jennifer Roberge and Anita Eliason from Zesta Style join us to share 3 key reminders!

M: My Passion Pieces – Always wear at least one passion piece when you leave the house. It can be a great jacket, cool sweatshirt, fun earrings, beautiful scarf, playful shoes, killer handbag etc. You’ll be amazed at how it makes you feel about yourself and how you go about your day.

O: Outlook is Optimistic – A smile goes a long way in making you look fabulous. When you have a smile on, your posture improves, you bring cheer to those around you and to yourself.

M: Makeup is your friend – Even a bit of lip gloss, or tinted lip balm shows you and others that you care about yourself. That you’ve taken the time to do a little something for yourself.

Following these 3 reminders turns MOM into WOW!

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