School security threats increasing across the state

PALMER, Mass. (WWLP)– A series of school security threats in Palmer lead to a heated meeting between parents. police, and school administrators Wednesday night.

That meeting came after six threats to schools were made in a 30 day period in Palmer.

Those safety threats are not specific to Palmer. Now, top safety officials in the state say school threats are happening at an increased rate across the state.

During the 2013-2014 school year the state police bomb squad was called in for 38 different bomb threats according to the Department of Fire Services statistics.  So far this school year, that number has nearly doubled.

On Wednesday the state’s fire marshal joined top safety officials in proposing legislation that would require school staff to call police and fire departments immediately following the discovery of a threat.

Also on Wednesday, Palmer Police met with parents to answer their questions about the recent series of school threats.

One of the main criticisms made by parents was that the public school system didn’t call police in when the first of the school threats was found at the start of April.

That incident is being reviewed by the town’s school committee.

Palmer’s school board says they’re now working on new protocols to handle various types of threats.

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