Mom gets 40 years for raping own children

Photo Courtesy: WKRN

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A mother accused of raping her own children will be behind bars until she’s at least 90 years old.

The son of Angela Montgomery, 53, gave a strong victim impact statement in her sentencing hearing Wednesday.

Alan Von Webb’s only wish was to make sure she never abuses anyone else.

Before Montgomery found out how many years she would be spending in jail, her son, who gave News 2 permission to use his name despite being the victim of a sexual assault, said the abuse at the hands of his own mother messed up his adult life.

“It’s incredibly unfair and, in my opinion, evil,” Von Webb said.

He told News 2 his mother started abusing him around the age of five.

The two couldn’t even look at each other in court.

“For the next 40 years, children out there are safe, and she can’t get her hands on them, and that’s all I really wanted,” Von Webb said.

Montgomery was convicted by a jury on six counts of rape of a child March 13.

Rutherford County Circuit Court Judge Royce Taylor sentenced Montgomery to 40 years in prison at 100 percent.

Her son said this day is his justice.

“A real mother wouldn’t do that to her children,” Von Webb added.

Montgomery was given a chance to address the court but chose not to.

Her attorney Sean Williams said she has maintained she’s not guilty, and none of the abuse happened; she claimed it was all made up.

“There’s no happy ending to these cases,” said Rutherford County Assistant District Attorney Hugh Ammerman. “He’ll always live with this and someone just got sentence to what could be basically the rest of her life in prison.”

Von Webb said his mother has shown no remorse.

“For her, it’s a thrill, you know. It’s like any criminal when they figure out the game and they can play it and win, they will do it as much as they can,” he explained.

Montgomery is expected to appeal as well as ask for new trial.


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