Keeping big money out of small town politics

Northampton looks to reduce the cap on campaign contributions

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Northampton moved one step closer to reducing the limit on personal campaign contributions.

In a Unanimous vote tonight, the Northampton City Council approved a $500 cap on campaign contributions in local elections. The state campaign contribution limit is $1,000.

If the Mayor signs it, the new limit would only affect the city of Northampton.  Critics have said the city is overstepping its authority. Although supports say it helps level the playing field.

Back in April, the group “RepresentUs”  held a rally to end political corruption on the steps of Northampton City Hall.  The group said the candidate with the most money wins the election nine times out of 10.

They also argue when that money comes from special interest groups, it sways politics out of voter’s hands.

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