Eliminating the film tax credit could put jobs in jeopardy

Baker wants to double the Earned Income Tax Credit instead

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Production companies get a generous tax break to shoot movies and television shows in Massachusetts. Supporters of the incentive say the benefits trickle down to small businesses.

Suffolk University Department of Communication and Journalism Chair Dr. Robert Rosenthal said, “It’s good for jobs and it’s good for our students. It’s good for our culture; it’s great for marketing the state.”

Film students and college professors gathered at the State House in support of the film tax credit. The Governor wants to get rid of the tax-break, and help low-income families instead. Governor Baker wants to double the Earned Income Tax Credit, a program that benefits lower wage-earning, working families by reducing the amount of taxes they owe based on income and family size. One Northeastern University film student is concerned production companies won’t want to do business in the state without a tax incentive.

“The job opportunities that would be available to me after I graduate won’t exist without the film tax credit,” said Malaika Woluchem.

The Massachusetts House and Senate have yet to act on the Governor’s proposal. Westfield State Senator Don Humason does not think the bill will go very far.

“I know why the Governor did it, but I also think that was sort of a dead upon arrival type of proposal in the legislature. I don’t think that we in the legislature wanted to link them,” said Humason (R-Westfield).

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