Mass. electric companies may issue refunds to customers

Rosenberg says he's concerned working families can't pay enormous bills when they're trying to get a break after years of struggling.

CHICOPEE Mass. (WWLP) – Electric companies may be issuing refunds for customers who have recently gotten more expensive bills.

Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg sent a letter on Friday to the Department of Public Utilities, to consider requiring electric suppliers to issue refunds to customers who were charged excessively.

Many customers who switched electric companies this winter were shocked to see bills that were hundreds of dollars higher than expected. Rosenberg’s letter does not name specific energy companies.

One customer told 22News she’s tired of paying higher bills. Holyoke resident Sarah Hinckley said, “I don’t think it’s a bad idea to do an investigation and then that way they know what’s really going on, and then the people who do deserve a refund that were overcharged, they can get it.”

Rosenberg says he’s concerned working families can’t pay enormous bills when they’re trying to get a break after years of struggling.

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