Concerns for safety after daytime shooting in Holyoke

Shooting at 177 Elm Street just 2 blocks from city's YMCA

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A man was shot in broad daylight this afternoon in Holyoke near the city’s YMCA. 22News asked residents if they’re concerned about their safety.

Holyoke’s latest shooting didn’t happen in the shadows of the night. Holyoke Police Lt. David Fournier told 22News one man was shot Saturday afternoon in broad daylight at 177 Elm Street. That’s only 2 blocks away from the city’s YMCA, in the heart of a residential community.

“I think that’s crazy,” said Alexander Surreira. “This is usually the time where everyone’s walking around with their kids, especially on a day like this enjoying the weather. And you’ve got a lot of people who come here to the YMCA and just walk around.”

The victim was shot at least once, and taken to the hospital, but is expected to live. Lt. Fournier said detectives are continuing their investigation and are still searching for a suspect.

The last shooting in Holyoke was nearly a month ago on Easter Sunday. The victim was killed, making it the city’s 2nd homicide of the year.

Adrian Dahlin says the reputation Holyoke gets from recent violence should not overshadow the good that is found in the city. He doesn’t want to wait for things to get better.

Dahlin said, “I lament things like that. I want to do what we can to look at the core roots of some of those problems. I don’t believe that Holyoke is a fundamentally unsafe place to live, to work, to exercise.”

Dahlin says these shooting sprees don’t scare him away from the city; they motivate him to make it better.

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