Citywide Cleanup in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) — Springfield residents and volunteers are busy cleaning up the city this morning for the 8th annual citywide cleanup.

“Keep Springfield Beautiful” is an annual citywide cleanup that attracts hundreds of volunteers every year.

Residents will start cleaning up at the Rebecca Johnson School  8:00 Saturday morning and will continue cleaning for another 3 hours.

Volunteers will spend their day picking up trash dumped illegally in city streets, parks, and neighborhoods.

The annual event takes place in all 17 neighborhoods, and takes place during the Great American Clean up.

“Keep Springfield Beautiful” organizes the event every year, but it’s part of a much larger cleanup called the “Great American Cleanup.”

Nationwide, thousands of volunteers are cleaning up trash and litter in\ more than 20 thousand communities.

There are four designated cleanup location, so if you’re interested in helping, you can stop by one of the four clean up locations, Rebecca Johnson School, Duggan Middle School, Medina’s Market, and Forest Park Middle School.

Once volunteers are finished at 1:00 Saturday afternoon, the DPW will come by and pick up all of the collected trash.

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