Ending a relationship you no longer want to be in

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – There are many reasons why people end relationships. However, ending a relationship can be one of the most difficult things a person may ever have to do. Dr. Rob Robinson, Clinical Director of Family Care Counseling Associates in Wilbraham shared tips to help make the transition easier.

How to Deal With Ending a Relationship You No Longer Want To Be In.

1. End the denial and admit to yourself that there is a problem. Many people for one reason or another have difficulty reading themselves into the equation and thinking of whether something is healthy for them or not. Sometimes it may very obvious that it’s time to end a relationship while other times it might be difficult to admit that things have changed.

Signs that the relationship may no longer be viable for you including:
– you feel a great deal of frustration, negative sentiment, and contempt for your partner.
– you’re being abused physically, verbally or emotionally by your partner.
– there is a complete lack of trust in the relationship
– after many attempts, problem solving and communication are impossible.

2. Have the courage to make a decision. Making a decision to end a relationship should never be made out of anger or impulsively. Instead, it’s best to think through in great detail, how your life will be after the relationship ends.

3. Before meeting with your partner, it’s best to anticipate your partner’s reaction which may be one of four possible things:
– Silence
– Sadness and crying
– Outbursts of anger and rage that deserve special considerations when planning to end the relationship.
– Lots of questions about your decision.

4. Choose a neutral place for your discussion and avoid public places like restaurants if you anticipate a major scene.

5. Avoid criticism and expressions of contempt. No one likes rejection and its best to work at helping to maintain the other person’s dignity.

6. Maintain your boundaries once your decision has been made. There may be normal times when you think about your time together but avoid the impulse to reconnect during temporary periods of loneliness. You don’t want to go through the breakup again.

7. Give yourself time to mourn the loss. It takes time to experience the “” emotional” breakup.

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