5 ways to bring yoga into your day

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Most people think about yoga poses, and stretches and the physical part of the practice, but the deeper practices of yoga are qualities that we can strengthen in our lives. Sheila Magalhaes, Owner of Heartsong Yoga Center in East Longmeadow joined us with tips.

5 ways to bring yoga into your Day

1: When you first wake up, how do we start a day with a Yogic perspective?

In this quiet time, you can pause for a moment before launching into your day.
As you rest in bed, maybe between the alarm and the snooze, just keep resting!
Your brain will want to go into thinking planning mode…but use some yogic tools to
focus in on the here and now, the comfort of the bed, your breathing pattern, relax and
calm the breath, set your intention to have a good day ahead.
Keep that quiet feeling in the shower, appreciate the warmth of the water,
just shower, instead of using the time to think or worry. Just brush your teeth!
Practice doing one thing at a time…aware presence.

2: Are there a yogic ways of choosing and eating our food?

We want to create vitality and health on every level, and nourish ourselves with good food…best of course is local, in season.
A plant based diet is great for some, for others, if you choose meat, eggs or fish,
know where your food comes from, from a kindness perspective, don’t choose factory farmed food.
Two important things: again about present moment…chew chew chew!
Eating more slowly and chewing more also helps with digestion.
Eat at the table no TV, computer, distractions. One thing at a time!

3: How about a stressful daily commute?

Again…try not to be rushed. I guess this means watching your timing…And then…lots of acceptance.
If there is traffic, there is traffic. Will you make it go away by beating on our steering wheel or shaking your fist out the window?
Be kind to others on the road! Breathe!!!! Try some silence in the car. We are on noise overload always plugged in.
Stop signs: see how many deep breaths you can take while sitting at a stop sign. We call that a stop sign meditation!

4: Do I have to do yoga postures to do yoga?

Folks always think that yoga is about the physical practice. Twisty pretzel poses, touching your toes,
standing on your hands…and the media supports that, with photos of beautiful young, thin and bendy
mostly women in crazy yoga poses. I would say, throughout your day, think about your posture, as you
sit, strong straight spine, shoulders back and down. As you stand, feet planted, again straight spine…looks
better, feels better! And breathing goes along with that…even smooth breath, below the collar bones, to the
deepest regions of the lungs.

5: Is meditation a part of yoga?

Well yes, in the perfect world, you would find time in a busy day to just sit and be still and quiet.
Maybe for just 5 minutes a day. Longer if you could. But honestly anything can be a meditation: chopping vegetables,
making beds, doing dishes, car pooling. A great walk, a great conversation, anything you do with full attention and
awareness, and without rushing to get to the next thing.
Because there is no next best thing…only this moment!!!

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