Headstones found broken in cemetery

They are following procedure to crush these old headstones

AGAWAM, Mass, (WWLP) – Headstones were found at the Agawam Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery broken and thrown down a hill.

Any time a headstone is replaced, like when husband or wife’s name is added to it, the old headstone must be destroyed. Veterans Memorial Cemetery Director Bill Walls told 22News they are following procedure to crush these old headstones. They then create a rock ravine. They have about 6,000 veterans buried here, and need to replace about 200 headstones every year.

William Walls, Director of the Agawam Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery, said, “What we try to do is designate a place that is off the beaten track, where people aren’t really allowed, and we put those headstones.”

Walls’ staff has already started bringing up shrubs to create a wall so the headstones won’t be visible. Walls also told 22News that because of our story, he’s going to expedite the process to get more of those shrubs in the ground to keep those headstones from being as visible.

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