NJ Police officers pull woman from overturned car minutes before explosion

The driver was later charged with driving while intoxicated

KINNELON, NJ (CNN) – A daring rescue by two police officers saved one New Jersey woman’s life.

Her car overturned and was about to explode, while she was belted inside, unconscious.

A police cruiser took off speeding down a winding, wooded road. A citizen just tipped them off to a driver who was swerving all over the road.

Around the bend, smoke was already coming out of her car, a 2006 Toyota Solara convertible, flipped upside down.

The driver was still inside. She had been knocked out cold; her horn stuck on blast.

The two officers, Mark Ehrenberg and Ricky Ferriola, realized they needed to get her out of there and fast.

But the car had already started to burn; her seatbelt had her trapped inside.

Two minutes later, the officers were struggling as the smoke kept getting thicker. They had to use a knife to cut off her seatbelt.

They were finally able to pull her limp body from the wreck, dragging her to safety.

Less than 30 seconds later, the smoke was billowing, and you could see flames, as the officers tried to revive the woman across the street.

Just a couple minutes later, a small explosion; the car was fully engulfed in flames.

Sgt. Christopher Carbone of the Kinnelon Police Dept. said: “most importantly, if it wasn’t for the citizen interaction by calling the police about an erratic driver, this woman who was driving, it would have been a fatal motor vehicle accident.”

Police say the woman they pulled from that car was 45-year-old Dawn Milosky of Beachwood.

Police say she’s now been charged with driving while intoxicated and that they found an open container of alcohol in the car.

She was hospitalized after the accident, but now police say she’s doing okay.

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